gas cap from a 50s bug not for a cap but a paper weight or frige magnet for that vw nut who thinks he has everthing never beed blaster original rust or petiana as mike on the pickers likes to call it _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
hard to find fuel filter 8 mm on one side 10mm on other napa part _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
Wilwood 1998-2002 Camaro Drag Race Front Brake Kit on stock spindles with new hubs and long studs only has 25 1/8 mile passes part # 140-10786-D. FUN4ALL. LA PLACE , LA 70068 (504) 402-5802
(2 avail) Crosby (WLL 3 1/4 ton 5/ (4 avail) No Brand (AS-1 LHM 25k)
Safety chains w/ clevis hooks (3/8 G43) w/ safety latches, additional galvanized tow cable w/ slips
$5 each Grab Hooks: (1 avail) 5/16 (2 avail) 3/8 Forged Clevis Slip Hooks w/ Safety Latches: (2 avail) 5/16 (2 avail) 3/8
Entire collection of grab hooks and slip hooks, shackles, rope and lanyards, bag o bolts and a cpl other freebies. OBO
Block has been to machine shop and cleaned checked for cracks and needs cylinder boring and line boring. Was told would need .030 over or more on cylinder bore. I've decided to go with crate motor. Also have stock intake, pistons, rods, cast iron crank and much more for 440. Location in Baton Rouge area. 225-445-4197. Leave message if no ans.. Paulina, LA 70763 (225) 445-4197
new hook to fit in ur conv handle 4 closing top also have some handles will list them soon _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
licence plate holder lighted 4 and yr car or truck but jonnys thought it was 4 vws here is a chance to own a part fr a company that has not been around in awhile if yr light does not work above yr licence plate here u go also if u want to dress up the front licence here is yr frame priced them at jc witney i know not to buy any thing but had no choice johnnys is no longer around they sell 4 29....
add a few dollars 4 freight dont weigh much much better then new ones have had so long u can tell the difference in them and the new empi ones just by the weight comes two per pack 1 4 each headlight these r also taiwan made but have had 4 soo long was probley before they were part of china _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
this is a childs cot that fits a riveria camper van it has been in a ac parts room 4 35+ years no mildew no smoke smell the bars r 561/2 " the canvas streached out is 37" dont know wheather this is a good price or a great price cant find any on web anywhere for all i know the poles r worth this w/o canvas u can always get new canvus but u would be hard pressed to make poles anmd free shipping a...
sunroof gear with housing new they r 79 this one is in real good shape _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
new has been in a ac parts room 4 40 plus years from wawd or imc they were my 2 biggest suppliers not chineese made have had to long 4 that dont even think we were trading with them in the 70s we r closing the shop and this is a high quailty part as we installed these parts and had to stand behind them we did not use chineese parts does not say on it where it was made mike _________________ tha...
will fit yr conv 73-77 the one pictured is the one u get it is brown vinal and i just threw it on 4 picture it fits better when it is on right and buttoned down this has ben used but not much still i very very good shape no rips no tears no worn spots of any kink kink of like it has never been on car just in trunk mike 225 335 3555 _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
these seats r nice real nice rebuilt to oem including the covers camel hair and new springs where needed they r missing the knob off the pull handles from under seat besides that perfect dont throw that work about normally because it comes back to bit me in the a** but i can say about these seats if u want low back seats 4 yr vw up to a and including 72 u wont be disapointed mike 225 335 3555 u...
these bushings fit a 87-92 vw fox 5 speed they can be had on internet 4 15-23 dollars plus the cheapest frieght i saw was 7. only 1.5 ft from me no frills just put in an envelop and mail they charge 1.50 and then dont run it through prossesor which crushes and usually destroys items mike this bushing is 4 left upper i have 2 of them in case u have 2 foxes in need will sell pair 4 18 dollars w f...
bosch air flow meter fits 05-13 jettas 2.5 beetle 07-09 rabbit 06-09 2.5 liters porsche cayonne 04 regular ad turbos 4.0 this is a new part and new bosch as u can tell from box dont be folled by the old yellow boxes they r old old new stock not new old stock _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
wood dash for 74-77 super or conv real nice real thick wood the real thing n/a from bug pack and i cheched 4 them online the only ones i could even find were custom ones and they sold 4 300 or more dont know where these went but poof they r gone _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
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