Hey There!!! Who wants to make a living working from home who has teaching background and would like to work from home? Is your resume up to date with a bachelor's degree in any field you've chosen? If you've answered yes then there is a wonderful opportunity for you to achieve the goal of working from home! 51talk is now hiring group teachers with a starting pay of $18-22 per lesson. The lesso...
Work from home!!! $18-22 per hour!!! 51Talk is hiring now!!! Are you a teacher who is passionate about wanting to live life on your own terms? Sick of the whole rat race? Ever wondered how it would be to work from home? 51Talk is your solution! Make $18-22 per hour in the comfort of your own home as a group teacher. You'll be teaching up to 4 students, with lesson plans already created for you....
9-Aug-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
Seeking individuals with teaching background. Must be comfortable with and love kids of all grade levels. Must be able to work late afternoons through evenings, take directions, meet deadlines, and create fun activities. Must be able to work in the U.S. and submit to a background investigation. Please send your CV (including what grade levels with which you are familiar) and resume. Your resume...
8-Aug-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
Title: Day Care Management Instructor Schedule: Evening (M-Th - 5:30p-10:00p) Part time Hourly Position Job Brief: We are seeking a high skilled and self-motivated individual who thrives in assisting students with reaching their career goals. The successful individual will be responsible for maintaining daily lessons plans, monitor student grades/attendance as well as maintaining updated info c...
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I'm Melissa, an academic tutoring professional from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have 8yrs of teaching background, including formal classroom instruction, preceptorship, private tutoring, and small group workshops. I am trained in the general principles, pedagogy and management strategies used for classroom instruction. I facilitate an active learning environment through questions and discussion. ...
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I have taught mostly 2nd grade for ten years. 1 Year, I raised all but 1 of my students standardized test scores by 1 level in reading and math. I also tutored at Sylvan Learning Center and volunteered my tutoring services at 2 different after school programs. I would love to work with your child and help them to improve their reading or math skills.
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
Hello! As an international studies junior at LSU, I feel I have a zeal for learning new things and have a tendency of spreading that energy with those I work with. I also have a minor in French, and am equipped to tutor in nearly every subject except mathematics. I am excited for the opportunity to offer my assistance in your journey to understanding your studies, and appreciate your considerat...
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
Hi! I'm Sadiksha and I am currently a student at LSU pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a concentration of Econometrics. I am an Associate of Science in Business. I love reading anything I can get my hands on and I also enjoy writing poetry. I would say I am pretty good at Maths and Sciences. However, I enjoy the subject English just as much. History is an balanced topic for me as...
I am a High-school junior at Walker High-school. I have taken many courses involving the subjects I intend to teach, therefore, I know how to approach any of the tests your child must take. I offer tutoring in Algebra I, II, Pre-calc, And Calculus. English tutoring can include AP English Lang, Ap English Lit, and any other englishes. Any sciences that I teach will be restricted to Physical scie...
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I am eager to help anyone gain a better understanding of organic chemistry. This includes high-school chemistry, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. I am a Louisiana product having received my bachelors in chemistry from the university of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2011. I will also be graduating with my Ph.D. In organic chemistry on May 13 2016. I have worked with many students during my ...
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I am a medical student and Personal Trainer in New Orleans. I have approx five years tutoring experience in varying subjects, both at the high-school and college level. I have tutored Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics and Calculus in the past, and am now tutoring Anatomy and Physiology as well. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology, with minors in Chemistry and Psychology, from ...
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
Hey m name is Amy and I am a student at Louisiana State University majoring in English Literature. I can help anyine with the proper structuring of papers ranging from critical analysis to simple review papers, editing, proper MLA formatting, and any research needed to be done. I can help with analazation of texts and techniques for achieving such. I can also help with SAT preperation!
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
Admittedly, I am a current student at the University of Louisiana. In addition, my work ethic represents my outstanding GPA. I value the significance of education. Given these points, I am infatuated with English. Therefore, I am willing to help other to the best of my abilities. Throughout my years in grade school I have excelled in all subjects. Growing up, my family has held high expectation...
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I am currently a senior at LSU. I can tutor in just about every subject and I am in the top of my college graduating class. In high-school, I was at the top of my class. I enjoy math the most, but I can tutor in any other field needed. I cam also give your child the tools they need to become an efficient student as far as homework and studying are concerned. I think that the most productive way...
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I am currently a undergraduate student who has helped children in my family learn how to do math work. I'm trying to generate money to pay off student loans. I have mentored with children from middle school and from boarding schools. I am very patient with students and understanding with the students who do not grasp the content very quickly.
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I am able to speak three languages and have over 20 yrs background as a tutor, translator and interpreter, I love what I do and find it so enlightening and fullfilling. There is so much to teach people and better this world. I feel I can provide you with a service that will make you feel well about yourself after learning a new language and helping you bright career and studies.
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
Hi! I am a graduate student at LSU studying Pediatric Speech Pathology. I have worked and tutored a wide spectrum of ages and specialize in children with disabilities. I am skilled in tutoring math, science, as well as english. I am also skilled in teaching organizational and study skills. Feel free to contact me with any questions! I look forward to meeting you!
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
My name is Trey Fruge, and I am a senior at Louisiana State University. I will complete my B.S. in Biochemistry in December 2016. I currently have a 3.97 GPA with over 100 hours of courses completed. I plan on attending dental school after I graduate, and I recently scored in the 98th percentile on the national Dental Admissions Test (DAT). In addition, I graduated from Catholic High-school in ...
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I am currently a Junior at LSU. I am majoring in Electrical engineering. I believe I have above average intelligence so I should be a good tutor. I'm good in science and math. I'm also able to get along with most people.
20-Jul-2018Baton Rouge, LA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I am currently a junior at LSU pursuing my undergraduate degree in Accounting. I can tutor elementary, middle and high-school math courses and any college course through Calculus 1. Additionally, I can help in English, History and high-school Chemistry, and entry level college chemistry. I live by the LSU campus and I am willing to travel in the Baton Rouge area and the areas surrounding Baton ...
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